About us


About us

Tired of the rat race in Europe and longing for a life at a slower pace and higher quality, Anne and Danny left Europe in 2020 to relocate to Boquete to start their boutique hotel "Inn The Coffeepot".

Anne is a published writer of suspense novels. Her books are currently available in the Dutch language but soon they will be translated into English.
Danny has been working as an independent software architect / developer for the past 25 years.

The choice for Boquete was easily made. Boquete has it all. Very good restaurants, many amenities to support an active lifestyle. And due to its higher altitude of 1450 meters, the year round temperature is 24 degrees Celcius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. They call this climate "Eternal Spring", No need for airconditionings nor heaters. 

Add that to the friendliness of the Panamánian locals and you will fall in love with Boquete too.

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